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MB Jaunėlis is one of the first official licenced Bentley Trike distributors in Europe. Our company is based in Lithuania, a perfect and strategic logistic position. Responsible for distribution in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

What is Bentley Trike? Bentley Trike is a unique licensed product, manufactured in China under Bentley Motors Limited License.

Designed in collaboration with Bentley Motors and your toddler’s needs in mind, The Bentley tricycle is the perfect combination of elegance and function.

With the world famous styling of the Bentley automotive in mind, these tricycles were designed to exude a luxurious aesthetic. The wheels on the tricycle are an exact replica of the Bentley Continental GT speed. The tricycle is available in the same colors as the cars, and the cross stitched seats not only complete the look but also offer great comfort.

The tricycle changes as your toddler grows to create a useful and stylish product for years to come. Changing from a stroller to a tricycle and everything in between.

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